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What is VPS Hosting

VPS hosting stands for Virtual Private Server that is actually a virtual machine which can be sold by any web hosting company to its client as a part of hosting service. Literally, a VPS is used to publish its own copy during its working on a specific operating system. Customers who supposed to use that particular operating system as an instance have acted like super-users who have a superior level of access to that operating system. This authority or high-level access allowed customers to install almost every software that can run on its operating system. Now, as per the requirement of customer VPS are of different kinds including dedicated physical servers and software-defined servers. Moreover, software defined virtual server are more simple to create and configure rather than physical servers. Virtual private servers are also more affordable in terms of price as compared to dedicated servers. Although, at times, VPS performance may get low due to the underlying hardware or due to the task load on a hardware because of other instances of the same operating system.

VPS service with ApnaQaam

Well, this is a brief review or general information about VPS and its usage but when it comes to uptime real examples, we found few companies which are providing reliable Virtual Private Servers in Pakistan. ApnaQaam as a leading hosting service provider has come on the board to deliver reliable and secure VPS services in Pakistan. The VPS from ApnaQaam will allow its customers to use and control a virtual server independently. It is also an exceptional way to enter into the world of Cloud where a user has complete liberty to control his system at a superlative quality and unmatched price.

Windows and Linux Based Virtual Private Server Hosting

With ApnaQaam, customers will get concrete services of VPS with unlimited access of dedicated resources that includes Disk space, RAM, Processor and unlimited bandwidth. ApnaQaam will enable its customers to install as many software and applications as they required on their virtual server. Our VPS service will empower our revered clients to customize their servers, making installation and re- installation a matter of seconds only. ApnaQaam ensures perfect VPS services which would be a most efficient tool to start your administration at the server and will increase your growth regarding website activity.

100% Virtual Private Network Solution with ApnaQaam

Our VPS hosting packages and plans will deliver 100 percent virtual solution for our customers who are intensely searching for more powerful and flexible servers at rapport cost. ApnaQaam includes all the industry required virtualization software that has built on Cloud Infrastructure, offering real-time availability and an automatic recovery system, keeping you online round the clock. On the whole, VPS hosting plans of ApnaQaam in Pakistan are unique, reliable flexible and cost effective, facilitating its customers with full root access, high availability, fully redundant Server and unmetered bandwidth.

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