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SSL means Secure Socket Layer protocol to ensure the transaction process between web server and browser. The protocol is used for the purpose of identification of the transaction as a third party or certificate authority.

How It Works

The browser sends a request in a secure page like HTTP://; in response, a server sends a public key with a certificate. The browser checks the validity of the certificate which was sent by trusted authority. Afterwards, a browser uses this key to encrypt a systematic encryption key and sends it back to a server with encrypted URL, containing HTTP data. The servers respond to this request by encrypting systematic key and used its private key to decrypt URL and HTTP data. Now, server sends back the requested HTML page and HTML data with the systematic key. Now, browser will be able to decrypt data, HTML page with the key and finally displays the requested information. This is how SSL Certificates works in the request-response framework.

ApnaQaam and Secured Socket Layer

Every website needs an SSL Certificate to ensure the security of the website and to protect customer data. To accomplish this needful purpose, ApnaQaam is presenting a wide array of SSL Certificates with the strongest encrypted 2048 bits, including security and safety to your website. We created SSL Certificate to fulfill the immediate need of the website security and authentication. Nevertheless, of server type, capacity and domain range, every client needs authentication and safety feature for his website and ApnaQaam in Pakistan, is offering the paramount and secure SSL Certificate options. To avail your best services and guidance, you can call us at our helpline or email us to know about the most appropriate SSL Certificate option that delivers all the standard features to your website.

Types of SSL offered by ApnaQaam

ApnaQaam as a leading web hosting company is providing its finest services for Pakistani clients. Among all these services, a large range of SSL certificates is also included. Let’s have a bird’s eye view at different types of SSL Certificates with ApnaQaam.

1. Wildcard Plus Certificate
This certificate is used to secure an entire domain and all its registered features like sub-domains and servers.
2. Single Certificate
The single certificate is used to protect a single server with a single and unique name.
3. Unified Communication Certificate
Under this certificate, servers get more security and the total count of servers would be 25 or more. This certificate is also considered perfect for exchange server.
4. Extended Validation Certificate
By using this certificate, the highest level of authentication has made extended validation certificate that builds ultimate trust through your website.

The bottom line

In Pakistan, AnpaQaam is providing all SSL certificates with standard features of security to its clients. these features are consist of unlimited free re-issuance, 2048 bit SSL with TLS encryption, solid vetting, secure site seal, compatibility with Apache, Tomcat and other servers that perfect for windows and Linux operating system.

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