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What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting service is another form of hosting in which an account holder of a dedicated server can further re-allot his hard drive space or bandwidth to another website on the behalf of 3rd party. A reseller purchases hosting services as wholesale and sells it to his customers on profit margin. A certain portion of that particular hard drive, bandwidth or hosting space is used as reseller account. To accomplish this purpose, people purchase a dedicated hosting server from the web hosting company to re-share its hosting services.

Why to choose Reseller Plan in Pakistan

In this scenario, a reseller can sell a certain amount of his purchased space or bandwidth to another client without direct leasing a dedicated server from any hosting company. This kind of account is called a reseller account in hosting field. A reseller host can be a web designer or a web developer or even a system integrator who sells web hosting services as an add-on option. Reseller hosting service is a very inexpensive way of providing hosting services particularly to the Entrepreneurs who are intended to start their new business. Mostly, reseller plans allowed their reseller to devise their own plan and price structure. Moreover, resellers can establish their brands as well through their customized panels and servers.

ApnaQaam Solution

ApnaQaam as a custodian of excellent web hosting services is providing reseller hosting solution as well. Entrepreneurs and IT professionals always need an upstream relationship for a trustworthy reseller service. We have been providing resellers’ accounts to our revered clients so that they could continuously grow their business towards stability. ApnaQaam is continually innovating his enormous hosting plans coupled with exceptional services and keep its customers up-to-date with latest technologies and offers.

Basic Features & Benefits

ApnaQaam reseller hosting services enables customers to create and manage their own cPanel hosting accounts for up to 50 to 70 new clients, allowing a complete control on that specific hosting service. All the reseller services of ApnaQaam are featured with customized and personalized packages along with 24/7 support services. These packages appear under the full control of cPanel, wide storage, and unmetered data transfer. Therefore, it is wisely suggested to grasp the edge of your business as doors are open with ApnaQaam and its best reseller programs.

Additional features and facilities

The enlisted programs and services of ApnaQaam for reseller hosting services have included the backup facility as well by keeping client's data safe and secure. In case of any technical or energy problem, our servers will restore data with few clicks. Cloudflare is also attached with ApnaQaam reseller hosting packages that will protect your website from malware, nasty attack, and malicious traffic. ApnaQaam reseller service empowers its clients to manage cPanels and WHM panel efficiently to create and maintain new accounts, emails, data transfer and storage processes.

The Summary In nutshell

On the whole, ApnaQaam web hosting service is an ultimate solution to all reseller hosting services with outstanding characteristics including free and instant set up, no constraints in account or contract, cloudLinx, free web App, CloudFlare plugins, backup support, Green hosting, DDOS protection, and 24/7 customer support.

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